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04 March 2009 @ 05:00 pm
Virus Warning  
A terrible virus has been rapidly spreading itself through LiveJournal communities since yesterday. Basically, seemingly-harmless links are posted by a robot who hacks the maintainer's account. Once the links are clicked on and activated, a worm virus inserts itself into the user's computer. Additionally, the maintainer(s) of the community get removed, and the community itself becomes helplessly subject to viruses and spam. 

So like other moderators have said, don't click on links that appear to be harmless because it probably is harmless. I suggest you not to click any links at all :l But just be warned, if you see any post about us closing a community or something, don't click on it. 

Basically this is what the virus does:
a) Change your livejournal password
b) Delete all of your entries (journal and/or community)
c) Suspend your account
and d) Create more posts that will spread the virus     

So please be careful guys. :l

Your mod, Aileen.