Virus Warning

A terrible virus has been rapidly spreading itself through LiveJournal communities since yesterday. Basically, seemingly-harmless links are posted by a robot who hacks the maintainer's account. Once the links are clicked on and activated, a worm virus inserts itself into the user's computer. Additionally, the maintainer(s) of the community get removed, and the community itself becomes helplessly subject to viruses and spam. 

So like other moderators have said, don't click on links that appear to be harmless because it probably is harmless. I suggest you not to click any links at all :l But just be warned, if you see any post about us closing a community or something, don't click on it. 

Basically this is what the virus does:
a) Change your livejournal password
b) Delete all of your entries (journal and/or community)
c) Suspend your account
and d) Create more posts that will spread the virus     

So please be careful guys. :l

Your mod, Aileen.     
lee jun ki


Got inspired to do Minnie today for some reason.
I think I will be the one known for only posting one graphic per post xD

Blend, no effects, just stock pictures and Minnie.
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Dibs on Jae

Graphics Post #5

Guess what? We have more than 70 member and 60 watchers! YAY! So if anyone has a request, feel free to do so! It could be an icon, wallpaper, or a banner. (:

And here are 75 DBSK Text icons. Got the idea from this LJ user who did the same thing with Twilight icons.


oo51.png picture by aliasgirl21 oo17.png picture by aliasgirl21 oo56.png picture by aliasgirl21
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Credits Page

Brush Credits go to:
Various users @

Texture Credits go to:
Various users @

Pictures used for icons, wallpapers, headers Credits go to:
Loving Min in Bestiz

And if I forgot to credit you, please FORGIVE ME!
And please PM me or leave a comment to this entry and let me know :]
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Graphics Post #3

Hello fellow members! We're almost at 50 members! Yay! (: Sorry for not updating for a long time. But here's a new batch of icons! Since at least some of you are DBSK icons, you've probably seen the A Week Holiday, I have made icons of that as well. Oh and requests are still open! So comment away (:

1-40    Epik High
41-77  DBSK icons (various/a week holiday) 



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